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03 Sep 2017


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The night’s are drawing in, and the memory of frolicking on sunny beaches is now a distant memory.. well maybe not the frolicking part! So it that means cosy nights in are the perfect time to take care of your sun-treated summer skin. 

I must admit that I have been using the Pestle & Mortar Hydrate moisturiser for a few months now, and I am in love! It has been a skin-saver for all my jet-setting antics. My one different country per month pledge has been paying off! So what with prancing about on the beach in Brighton, as well as numerous work trips to tropical climes, I have been using the Hydrate cream both morning and night. 

It is super light and you don’t need much to soak into even the most withered of skin, and the packaging is just what you need to impress! 

Founded by Irish mum and business woman Sonia Deasy, who wanted to  create something that would give instant results for dry and tired skin, I can vouch she has found the winning potion. Based on a ‘less-is-more’ philosophy, focusses on natural healing principles and don’t use any nasties or test on animals. 

Once only known as a Beauty Editor’s insider’s pick, this is something that should be in every bedroom- along with the rest of the range.

Shop the full range here


14 Jun 2017


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Spring has sprung, and summer is in the air. I can’t complain, but my poor eyes can! They positively weep at the jingle of the ice cream man, as that means the sun has his hat on, and the hay fever pollen is out.

I didn’t suffer with hay fever as a child. It is one of those pesky irritations which has developed, and is thriving even though I live by the beach. However, nothing is going to stop this Darling from going out and enjoying herself… and that is why I am very grateful to have found some non-irritable eye drops that soothe my poor itchy eyes, and I’m pretty sure give me some added sparkle! 


Thankfully, someone recommended Murine Bright & Moist Eyes which you can pop in morning, noon and night and the lubricating liquid gel adds that extra barrier of moisture. Be gone naughty itches! I love my sunglasses collection, but I like to wear make up underneath, with no fear of smudging down my face too! 

Boasting drops specifically for hay fever symptoms, and normal dry eyes, this is a brand I am super pleased to have discovered. Buy yours in most Boots stores, or online here.





21 Oct 2016


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My heating is turned on, and I am starting to get nesty; And even though I would love to hibernate for the whole of winter (just popping out to do Christmas related activities, of course) my lifestyle means I have to face the real world now and again!

autumn face cream-sesderma

So to look my best, I have been trying out something new from Sesderma. Choosing a deliciously luxuriant creme to assist in anti-aging- I had high hopes of feeling firmer and more hydrated as soon as I opened the tub.

Using a revolutionary new formula called Nanotechnology, there is an expansive range of C-Vit products to choose from. They get the name as they are full of Vitamin C, and everyone knows that this is the best way to stay healthy when the temperature drops. So it makes sense to put it on your face too. Right? So put it on I did, and younger, plumper and more juicy I felt! It only took a couple of days to get in to the pattern of twice a day moisturising, but now I am hooked, and the deeper you rub the product in, the more benefit you will get.

autumn face cream-sesderma

I feel quite nerdy when I tell people that it’s the anti-oxidants in my moisturiser which are making me look more luminous. But it’s true!

Check out the products for yourself here


24 Apr 2016

Organic beauty products which are bound to put you in a SUPERMOOD

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Cosmetics from Finland which are made with love

It was as though the beauty fairies have been watching me sleep, as the arrival of the beautiful SUPERMOOD gift box landed on my doorstep at a particularly rocky week. Overtired and overworked, my skin was crying out for a bit of attention, so the beautiful packaging of the SUPERMOOD products including Ego Boost?One Minute Facelift Serum, Youth Glo Babyface Mask and?Beauty Sleep Absolute Bliss Serum, sounded like they were just what the doctor ordered.

To be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily order beauty products from the internet, especially not a different country, as I like to touch and smell the products before I slop them on my skin… but the rave reviews about SUPERMOOD and it’s origins persuaded me to give them a try. Founded by ex-model Anne Kukkohovi, (who also hosted Finland’s Next Top Model and is a complete babe!) the small but perfectly formed range is completely holistic, and is made in Finland from natural ingredients.

I began my treats with the Beauty Sleep Absolute Bliss Serum as bad sleep is the root of all my problems (and I have left my previously blogged miracle Therapearl eye patches at the boyfs).. The subtle scent of sea fennel was not only calming, but contains such a high percentage of antioxidants that the collagen that gives you stretchy skin is protected, and I woke up feeling fresh, plumed and even a little bit rejuvenated, which is always a good sign for a hectic Monday!


With my new revived skin, I was keen to see how I fared with the Ego Boost One Minute Facelift Serum..I had lots to do, so liked the idea of having an ego boost. Easy to apply and non sticky I undertook my daily beauty routine religiously, and after only a couple of days, I could feel my skin tightening- and I can safely say this the closest thing I have come across to a facelift without visiting a clinic! Talk about an ego boost, I was ready to take on the world!


Finally I got round to try the Youth Glo Babyface Mask- I almost didn’t want to as I was so happy with my sparkly visage, and didn’t want to mess it up! But I’m glad I did. The facemask was a delicious combination of pampering and smelling like a baby’s (clean) bum. Taking time out to relax for a good 20 minutes (fear not, you don’t have to do any longer as the mask doesn’t actually set)..and bingo! I was as squeaky clean, refreshed and firm. It’s only a shame I tried it on a night in- next time, I will definitley use it as a base for radiant skin before a night out.



For an almost unbelievable luxury experience for a very pocket friendly price, I would definitely recommend checking out the whole range from SUPERMOOD. I think adopting this philosophy is the way forward, and who doesn’t need a bit of help in the fabulous mood department?

10 Apr 2016

Are these the BEST products ever for sparkly eyes??

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I love trying new beauty products. Especially when they involve something that could potentially improve the quality of my life!!!

So when I discovered the TheraPearl range for tired eyes, I knew I had to investigate a little further….

I am someone who admittedly burns the candle at both of it’s proverbial ends. I socialize and I get up to go to pump class. However much my body can take it, my poor eyeballs have been sending out SOS signals for a few months now. Coupled with my job as a freelance writer and stylist, which involves hours on the laptop/ipad and smart phone, I have been feeling the burn in the visage department.

So I was somewhat keen to get my paws on the TheraPearl eye essential mask. Providing a hot or cold treatment, this mask is designed for relief of red puffy eyes, and my bug bear, the dry eye.

Therapearl eye mask_Diary of a fashion darling

I was however a little apprehensive about putting something hot on my delicate eyeballs, but with the easy to follow instructions, I erred on the side of caution, and undercooked the mask in the microwave at the first attempt. (Meaning I checked it after five seconds instead of the recommended 10-15). Once I was sure it wasn’t going to burn my face off, I was happy to attach lie back and relax. A mere 20 minutes will not only reduce redness in your throbbing eyeballs, but decrease any excessive blood flow around the delicate eye area, thus potentially minimizing the unavoidable dark circles that come with late nights! I might need a few more tries before I see this result, but I am well on my way to an addiction! I wore it to bed on day number two, and it’s just as soothing cold. And for fact fans, you can even freeze it and apply in the same way so the teeny tiny balls of goodness address any migrane pains. Magic!


Coupled with Bausch + Lomb Bio True Rewetting Eye Drops, I feel like a new woman! Another product that is a must have for any laptop lover who suffers from dry, tired or irritated eyes. It provides instant natural hydration, in a simple easy to use pump. Kind of like diesel for your hardworking eyeballs, even if you wear contact lenses, and you can indulge as often as you like.


Shame it won’t protect me from some of the emails I get sent, but it will make reading them a lot easier to swallow!

For more information check out


07 Mar 2016

Do you believe in magic? You will after trying Dr Bronner’s Soaps…

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Soaps generally haveone purpose- to keep the body clean, but there are certain rather special soaps which can do a heck of a lot more besides!

Having been introduced to Dr Bronner, I can safely say I am hooked! Beginning life 150 years ago, the family empire has been growing steadily, and now includes liquid soaps, hand and body lotions, lip balms, body balms, hair wash- there’s even a cleaner for the home- all with that mysteriously enigmatic packaging.

Naturally produced, each product is an expert at what is says on the tin, but the one that is a miracle to me is the Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap… It’s so magic, it has 18 uses including mouthwash and toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream and washing liquid! A miracle indeed! Flavours vary, but if you’re planning to gargle? with it, I would recommend the peppermint over lavender (unless you are a huge fan of Parma Violets!)

A little goes a long way, so the cuter than cute bottles are the perfect pep me up if you travel alot- hand sanitiser, breath freshner and balms will all get you through security.? There is even a baby mild and sensitive care range, so you can keep baby smelling of roses too, and the organic jojoba oil, beeswax avocado and hemp oil are designed to soothe baby’s dry anywhere! What sounds better than that?

In squeezy, foamy, waxy, hempy, versions there is something for all the family. And remember a little of the good stuff goes a long way!