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27 Nov 2019

A Beginners Guide to Bangkok

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I love Bangkok, and it gets better every time I visit! But if you have never soaked up the hustle and bustle of the Thai capital, my beginners guide is a must read…

So if you’re looking for shopping a spa break or tasty Thai food, check out my top tips. I highly recommend the bike tour too!

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27 Nov 2019


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November has been a busy month for Madrid. Not only is the bustling city gearing up for Christmas, it has also hosted it’s annual open air art exhibition, based on Diego Velázquez iconic painting, Las Meninas.

With artists designing eighty, 1.8-metre-tall figures, which have been commissioned to form an open air gallery around the city, locals and visitors have been exploring many of the national landmarks and hidden treasures to track them down.

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27 Nov 2019


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I went a bit wobbly when I interviewed actor Ed Skrein for Schon! magazine. I can’t even imagine how excited the stylist was (!!!) But obviously I remained professional, and got the goss on his latest projects.

We could have chatted all day, but alas I wasn’t allowed, so read my feature for Schon! AW issue here…

Ed Skrein -Schon
27 Nov 2019


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I was lucky enough to visit the Winter Lights Festival in Portland, Oregon earlier this year, and wowee! It was impressive.

It’s no wonder that the fifth anniversary in 2020 is getting bigger and better, with even more artists, installations and immersive events taking place around the self confessed “Weird” city.

If that’s what makes it weird, that’s why I like it!

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