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22 Feb 2017

London Fashion Week AW17

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LFW : My Fashion Editor’s Picks

London is a stylish city, there is no doubt about it, and it is always a pleasure to be one of the lucky ones to get to see the collections on the catwalks and earmark the trends for press. 

There is never one trend to come out of the shows, there is always something for everyone, and if I had to pick my faves, they would include 


Embrace your prim and proper side, as seen at Mulberry and Preen, you don’t need to be a librarian, to enjoy this trend. In fact, let that hair down and embrace what else you can get up to in an office! 


Double denim has always been a credible choice for the fashpack, and AW will see embellished denim, fringed shirts and oversized leather. And if you shop at House of Holland, all you need is a mule!


Cartoons for girls

Boys have been enjoying the cartoon character embellishments for the past few seasons, but with SpongeBob Squarepants celebrating his 15th birthday, Nickelodeon snapped up some of the hottest designers for a collaboration- check out Peter Jensen and Bobby Abley for their take. With Mary Katrantzou utilising Disney’s Fantasia, an House of Holland working Woody the Woodpecker on to the back of some rather fetching denim jackets.

The hills are alive with the sound of peasants

If you are over the bell sleeve, fear not, the new sleeve is all about the peasant! And why you’re at it, why not add some serious lacing and a pair of very impractical shoes, and you can channel your inner milkmaid. 

It’ll be all bright on the night

Fyodor Golan opened Fashion Week with a selection of ice l0lly hued catsuits, apparently inspired by the Powerpuff Girls and the humble Post It note! And if you are a glass half full kind of woman, you will probably already be in the queue for the in yer face colour blocking at Roksanda and Ryan Lo. You might want to tone the make up down. Or perhaps you might not! 



13 Feb 2017


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Multiple Maniacs

With John Waters movies, you know you should expect the expect the unexpected and quite often the unimaginable. If not the depraved and  certainly bad taste. In fact, the winning combination of Waters and Divine ensures that they probably wanted to out-filth each other!

The remastered release of his cult film Multiple Maniacs, stars his muse Divine, and is a personal portrait into their relationship (if nothing else!) Written, directed, edited, shot and produced solely by Waters, ensured that the disturbing content didn’t meet any paying public’s eye until it was released in 1970. And even then it was a mission to get it to anything other than strip club theatres!

Multiple Maniacs


Setting the scene in the opener of the film, is a naked Lady Divine, bitching away at her long suffering partner, David; Before claiming the limelight and starring in the aptly named spectacle ‘The Cavalcade of Perversions’, showcasing the filthy and unimaginable. Seemingly a normal act, as a finale to every show, Divine comes in and robs the patrons at gunpoint, however after this show, she tires of just mugging them, and decides to murder them instead

Drag Queen Divine is simply divine, in adopting a bolshy over sexed, larger than life role, and you can see elements of this in her prostitute daughter’s character, Cookie- with whom she seeks refuge in the city, when she is on the run. 

Daily life continues, but revenge is on the cards when Lady D is tipped off that her boyfriend David is seeing one of the performers. Setting out with no holds barred, her colossal character is intercepted by two glue-sniffers, and she is floored and raped. Whilst contemplating these surreal events, a young boy in the shape of the Infant of Prague appears and leads her to the steps of a church. Unsure but intrigued, Lady D heads inside only to be seduced by an attractive young woman, and experiences anal sex involving a string of rosary beads. 

Multiple Maniacs_Mr_David

This new twist is a added bonus to Divine’s mission. Now declaring herself lesbian, she is adamant to get revenge on her puny boyfriend. With more twists and turns, and religious flashbacks, the two couples meet again at Cookie’s apartment, where they are intent on murder. And those who like blood and guts will not be disappointed! With an exhausting and seemingly never ending monologue, Divine is joined by a lobster, and is completely unrepentant, cackling “you’re a maniac now Divine”. 

A film which doesn’t warrant a finale, Waters makes sure Divine stretches it out as long as possible, running through the streets of  Baltimore, insane, bloody, and wearing a mink coat, trying to kill anyone she can get at to the soundtrack of “God Bless America”. 

Multiple Maniacs

For laughs, squirms and an insight to a drug addled mind, this remastered version is definitely worth a watch. Waters distributed the movie 46 years ago and now Maniacs is on general release with Janus Films and the Criterion Collection.

Book your tickets for a cinema near you. Opening this weekend. 

10 Feb 2017

LHOUETTE ‘POST URBAN GLAMOUR’ art for the twenty first century

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Street art is no longer the bane of the city councillor’s life- forever being bleached off walls, only to return like annoying funghi.


The transient nature of the fast paced lives we are leading, and the popular culture references that litter our lives, are steadily being transformed into works of art. 

The latest collection by artist Lhouette is case in point. Taking some of society’s most recognisable symbols and popular culture creations, he has worked them into beautifully juxtaposed artworks. 

The boy from Luton works figurines from his youth, including Officer Dibble, Top Cat and Luke Skywalker into a pastiche of commentary on urban life. 

With large and smaller scale assets to his collection, you can see the current exhibition at London’s premiere art hotel, 45 Park Lane. Enjoy the atmosphere, and a cocktail, and if you are considering building up your own treasures of contemporary art, all pieces are available to buy in limited edition until March 26th. 

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And the Post Urban Glamour range can be viewed here: