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27 Oct 2015

Kirk & Kirk feature in Schon mag..Styled by Moi

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Schon magazine have been keeping me well busy recently! My campaign shoot for the fabulous @KirkandKirk eyewear got a fabbie review online…

Go go go Jason and Karen- your specs are taking over the world!

Photography by the fabulous Oggy Yordanov

Read all about it here:



27 Oct 2015

My First Interview for Schon Magazine with Bond Stunt Girl Gemita Samarra

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It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally made it into Schon! Check out my interview with the fabulous, gorgeous and Duracell battery infused stunt woman Gemita Samarra..

She’s the body double for Léa Seydoux in the latest Bond blockbuster Spectre..

Check it out here:

26 Oct 2015

JAMES BOND is out, so obviously I get to go to the pre-party!

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This week has been pretty bonkers, even in Darlingland!

I had a sneaky insight to the new James Bond movie courtesey of Gillette x Spectre at an exclusive party at the Covent Garden Film Museum. This was compared by film geek and all round nice (tall) guy Vernon Kay who kept us entertained, whilst we seemed to sup neverending? Bollinger and dry martinis of course!

We were also treated to Gillette’s very own “Bond Moments” film which is to co-incide with a campaign to encourage men to feel confident and look their best.

There were plenty of men who were definitely channelling Mr Craig that night, along with some classic Bond cars, a cut throat barber shop, simulated motorbike chase and a good ole fashioned swing band, making it was a night to remember!

And as if by magic, the very next day, I had my interview with Gemita Semarra- the stunt woman you will be seeing alot more of! From Bond to beyond….

21 Oct 2015

Ampfly: Sound for your speakers

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So imagine the scene, you’ve just discovered the best new tune which your friends must hear, right here, right now.. But how do you do it? Through sharing headphones, one by one?! Ha, that’s so noughties! And alas the days of the ghetto blaster are long gone..But this is the year to amplify the sound of your tunes up to three times louder, through your iPhone!

And all you need to create your personal party, is the nifty looking Ampfly case, which is a protective (and therefore doubly practical) cover for your phone.

Here’s the techy bit.. it is designed by University of Reading PHD students (in conjunction with MTV so it’s clever and cool) and uses an old school gramophone-inspired horn which is carefully concealed within the case to give a pretty impressive sounding bass and vocals. And because it just snaps on to your handset, you get the amazing quality, without the need for cables, wires or batteries! Win.

You can even bling up your cover and customise it with up to twenty letters. What are you waiting for? Party at the bus stop!

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21 Oct 2015

‘Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of People’ by Henry Carroll

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With mobile phones rapidly becoming more fancy and technologically advanced, we are all guilty of snapping away and making ourselves look good with a flattering filter; but there are folk who take the humble act of shooting a snap as more of a skill than a pap shot!

So the new instruction manual ‘Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of People’ is the perfect intro for people like me…and others who are starting to capture peeps with a DSLR.

Easy to dip in and out of the book is breaks down the segments that make a perfect picture, and covers all aspects including “Composition,” “The Gaze,” and “The Street” which means you can get to grips with snapping away in a studio or on location, It also has some fab “technical tangents” which are great opportunities for homework!

Bursting with iconic images, to inspire your beady eyes from photo icons including Richard Avedon, Cindy Sherman and Henri Carter-Bresson. So whatever style floats your boat, you can clock in and see the techniques the pros use to make it work.

With the note from a lawyer on your legal rights when taking pictures of people, I can see a street style hobby coming on!

By Sara Darling

17 Oct 2015

Rotterdam : City of Style

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I was lucky enough to visit Holland’s second city last month, and not only was the weather perfect for a city break, there was a ‘nice bit of culture’, food and entertainment to enhance my stay!

My hotel was pretty cool too…Nhow is where it’s at!

Read my review for Flush magazine here:




16 Oct 2015

Bullets, balm, blindfolds and…All at Box of Grey

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Even though the film 50 Shades of Grey was a bit of a soggy affair, the opportunity to experiment in the bedroom is at fever pitch!

If you are not a Billy Boaster, but more of a discerning lover who wants to fulfil a variety of fantasies, the Box of Grey should be right up your street. Will an easy to navigate and very discreet website, you can order a carefully curated box to provide all that you might want for a quiet night in (or weekend away) so you can play with your partner without any blushes (unless you want them that is!)

Sexy, sensual and luxurious, the elegant flightboxes suggest mystery and fun, so prepare to lock the door and be aroused by the goodies inside!

Specializing in luxury erotic products and illicit treats, you can expect leather, feather treasures, horse hair spankers and 9carat gold flakes inside your dildo! They do come at a price, but for a luxurious bedroom sesh to impress, this is definitely on the Christmas wish list.

If you can’t wait for Christmas, book in for a naughty night at London’s Soho Sanctum Hotel, where you can access the key to the ‘Toy Cupboard” for adults only, at an additional £100. So if you want a cheeky night on the tiles and no strings (unless you ask nicely!), the whip, ice cubes, blindfolds, lube, vibrators (and more) are waiting for you…

Your secret is safe with me! And Room 404 is the one to remember…

For more info, and to see the sexy lingerie check out






12 Oct 2015

Back to reality, but at least it’s sunny!

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The last three weeks have involved press trips to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the Algarve..and a trip to Wales to style the Welsh football team for Adidas!

Not bad for October, but now I need to play catch up and get my features done!

Watch this space for my reviews….

And even more excitement! Watch this space for issue nine of 55Pages. Edited by me…


06 Oct 2015

Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the Algarve..

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Next stop Adidas and the Welsh International football team!

Wowee, if you needed an extra description of the word variety, just check out my last two weeks… I was whisked over to Rotterdam to review the Horst P Horst exhibition, had a whistlestop tour of Amsterdam, came home for 12 hours due to a very frustrating 5 hour delay; and then jetted over to The Algarve for a complete adventure!

Watch this space for full review..

I’m off now to style the Welsh football team for Adidas..