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25 Sep 2015

Horst P Horst in Rotterdam..Don’t mind if I do!

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Just landed in rainy Rotterdam, but I don’t mind as I am here for one of my favourite ever fashion photographers Horst P Horst. A retrospective of his decades in the game? shooting for Vogue, designers including Coco Chanel and film collaborations with Salvador Dali, is set to be immense! What will the gallery choose?!

Curated Susanna Brown in association with the V & A, the Horst P. Horst | Photographer of Style is a production which promises a lot.

And to start me off, the view from my hotel room isn’t bad either!

For booking details check out The Nederlands Fotomuseum

24 Sep 2015

McQ: No Show at LFW

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McQ always has been a little cutting edge, and this season decided to present their spring summer 16 collection via social channels rather than a traditional catwalk show.

Embracing the innovative and instant form that social media provides, the designs were broadcast live across Instagram and their own site during London Fashion Week.

Using up and coming photographers and filmmakers Lea Colombo, Jack Davison and Sharna Osborne, the collection is showcased editorially and references the Post Punk era of the late 70s and early 80s in New York.

Expect something for the (androgynous) club kids- band t shirts, silver jumpsuits and lots of black..

22 Sep 2015

London Fashion Week comes to a close *LeSigh

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So the fashionable fashion five days is over for another season in London, and personally I am ready for a massage!

With the shows moving to a controversial carpark, many of the Biggies chose to show in private locations, although in my humble opinion, the carpark is a very good call.

Sponsored by The Sunglasses Hut rather than Vodafone, tongues were wagging about budget and quality, but the organisation and presentation was second to none.

With the pavement widened by Day Two, the hardcore celeb spotters/bloggers/ wannabes who could be bothered to battle the weather, clustered round Sex Alley in Soho like bees to honey!

Somerset House it is not! But change is always good ??

11 Sep 2015

Bentley & Skinner: Jewellery fit for a princess

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Entering Bentley & Skinner is a little bit like visiting a museum. There is an atmosphere of calm and quiet, with lots of pretty things behind glass, complete with stern but friendly security guards, who no doubt would be at your side in an instant to whisper in your ear, should you try and eat inside the store. But crumbs aside, once you have crossed the threshold of the Aladdin’s Cave, make sure you have plenty of time to soak up the huge array of luxury antique and modern collectors’ items on display.

Look beyond the chandeliers, Royal plaques and formality in the beautiful oak furnished store, and the family founded business is full of old school charm. Beginning life as two separate jewellers (Bentley opened it’s doors in 1934, whilst Skinner has been in business since 1881 and has the honour being jeweller to Queen Victoria). The trinkateers joined forces in 1998, and now share the vast amount of history and knowledge that has been gleaned across the decades.

The store, which relocated from the masses on Bond Street, and relocated to a prime location in Piccadilly a few years ago, prides itself on it’s vast selection of antique and vintage jewellery. And so it should! Filled to the brim with diamonds, pearls and shiny things, I was eager to find out more.

Being slightly clumsy, and never having been engaged (I don’t think these are connected….?) I daydreamed about my engagement ring of choice.. I was tempted by a giant sapphire ring from the early 1900s- which would be the perfect partner for a battenberg lace wedding dress! An emerald art deco piece set in a diamonds transported me to the Great Gatsby, and I wouldn’t say no to a classic, super sparkly princess diamond from early 20th Century. Not very practical (did I mention I was clumsy?!) but every one, was one of a kind, making them even more special. But I guess an engagement ring is something to show off, and practical shmactical, they all looked pretty good! I did have a quick peek at the price tags, and I think my future husband is going to have to be pretty generous. With eager young lovers heading to the store in droves on a Saturday, the budget for a ring is definitely a conversation starter to prelude the wedding costs.

However, there is plenty more to see than engagement rings, and the store is a pure paradise for lovers of anything unique and unusual. With cabinets full of brooches, bangles and necklaces, from the Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian era, including well known names such as Fabergé, Lalique and Carlo Giuliano, nestling next to other fine jewellery from the period, you can jump through centuries in one afternoon and have a history lesson to boot. With animals, insects and reptiles being de-riguer throughout the centuries, I can’t stop thinking about the Victorian turquoise serpent necklace.. A snip at £36,000. Fashion is priceless after all!

Check out the collection for yourself, at Bentley & Skinner, 55 Piccadilly, London, W1J 0DX

08 Sep 2015

TUMI x PUBLIC SCHOOL.. Form an orderely queue

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Anyone who knows their luggage will get a slightly raised heartbeat at the mention of the uber cool and extremely sophisticated TUMI range. Having been leaders at the airport game since 1975, it is THE brand to turn to for practical and sophisticated travel essentials.

To co-incide with fashion month and all it’s crazy travelling, it’s great to find out that TUMI have collaborated with award-winning New York fashion label PUBLIC SCHOOL, which gives even more reason for green eye at the carousel.

The PUBLIC SCHOOL designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, have collaborated with TUMI to create a six piece collection which like their fashion brand draws inspiration from their home town of New York City. Expect something gritty, edgy and a little bit quirky. Each piece also comes complete with a rubber tassel, which is inspired by key chains and “strings” that hung from the designers’ backpacks in high school.

With the perfect “smug-face” 21 inch carry-on case, and larger 24 inch wheeled bag, the range also consists of a practical travel satchel, backpack, day tote and dopp kit, so there is something for every occassion- wherever you are jetting off to.

Now if only they designed one big enough for all my styling kit, I’d be a very happy bunny!

The PUBLIC SCHOOL x TUMI collection will be sold exclusively starting September 2015 at TUMI collection stores, select retailers and specialty stores.

For more about PUBLIC SCHOOL, visit

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @PUBLICSCHOOLNYC




08 Sep 2015

Kirk & Kirk eyewear campaign

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If eyewear is geeky, then let me praise the geeks!

I loved styling this super cool shoot for Kirk & Kirk eyewear for their new Kaleidoscopic range- perfect for a dreary autumn!


07 Sep 2015

Anyone fancy a cuppa of Hampton’s Organic Iced Tea?

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Everyone knows I am a bit of a happy hippie! And I love trying out new health fads. So when I was sent some of Hampstead Tea’s new ‘Organic Iced Tea’ in ready to drink cartons, I was keen to get supping..

The new range is just in time for our ever hopeful Indian summer, and the exotic mix of flavours are light and fruity, and a perfect combo for a mid morning pick me up.

My personal favourites were the Green Tea and Raspberry- like a grown up Ribena, but obviously much better for you! With no artifical flavours, the tea really does the talking. And some of the money you pay for your quality cuppa goes back to the workers direct. An added bonus is that the tea comes from The Makaibari Tea Estate in Darjeeling, which produces it’s teas in total harmony with nature with not a sniff of chemical pesticides and this makes me ponder where my other favourite beverages come from.

With Organic Oolong Tea with Elderflower, Organic Green Tea with Lemon,? Organic Green Tea with Raspberry and Organic Oolong Tea with Peach on the menu, there is something for every tastebud.

Buy at Tesco Metro or Wholefoods stores at £1.19 per carton.Elderflower front 3D



07 Sep 2015

My futures so bright I’ve gotta wear shades!

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It was a delight to work with Jason and Karen Kirk again on their latest collection and film, and campaign shoot.

Bubble gum brights for boys and girls… Me likey. Alot!

Styled by moi.

07 Sep 2015

This week I have mostly been watching Irrational Man

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Woody Allen does it again!irrational man

I am a big film fan- more indie than blockbuster, so I was looking forward to the screening of Woody Allen’s anticipated “Irrational Man”. I have not seen Joaquin Phoenix in action since Spike Jonze’s 2013 romcom “Her”.. if you count falling in love with your operating system romantic. Come to think of it, it wasn’t that funny either. But it was extremely watchable and like Irrational Man, makes you think and question life.

Phoenix plays Abe who is a deep thinking, deeply romantic but emotionally blocked philosophy professor who arrives at a new town to try and find the meaning of life. He is drawn to the intelligence of one of his students Jill Pollard, played by Emma Stone, and begins a platonic relationship with her. However she is intrigued by his tortured personality and wants more. She is rebuffed time and time again, whilst Phoenix begins an affair with another (unhappily married) lecturer- Rita Richards (Parker Posey).

With both women craving him, he is still not satisfied, and it is only when he overhears a life-changing conversation in a diner, that he realises that there is meaning to life.

Existential decision made, and a new found focus, it is as though he has been re-birthed and you see a Phoenix emerging from the ashes. Confident and purposeful, Abe strives to do what he thinks right. Whatever the consequences…

Believing that his act of vengeance to be right and true, his mood lifts even further, and he is unstoppable, and begins a relationship with his obsessed young student. Bouyed by joie do vivre, the two seem insperable, until the rumour mill goes into overdrive about the incident, and Jill starts to question the sudden change of heart.

Horrified with what she finds out, she confronts her lover and gives him an ultimatum, which he can only accept under the circumstances. However he has no intention of giving up his new love for life, and his selfish actions are tense, shocking and will affect him, Jill and Rita forever.

A mind blowing flim, which makes you question your own morality.

Watch the trailer here:

and here’s a sneaky peek:

02 Sep 2015

SasSea Swimwear for Sassy Chicks!

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Bikini shopping can be fun!

It’s never too late or too early to think about updating your bikini, as going on holiday never goes out of fashion!

SasSea Swimwear is a new luxe beach brand that is aimed at a sassy customer who likes to score high on the glam stakes. Each piece from the carefully created debut collection os complemented by an interesting styling focus and luxurious embellishments.

Perfect for a treat, the range starts at £45, and there is an ideal style for pool side, pool bar, bathing or partying! Wherever your destination you will get some great tan lines!

Carefully designed with a real woman’s body shape in mind, the bikinis are sold as separates so you can be sure to get the perfect size, and certain styles are available as a one piece.

Glamorous, head turning, and perfect for posing. Now who wants to take me to St Barths??

For more information, visit the SasSea website