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26 Aug 2015

Celebrity Big Brother coming to a screen near you soon

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My lips are seeled as to who I styled this week until CBB hits our screens again on Thursday, but I can say there will be sparks!


20 Aug 2015

Wellies for the city and beyond…

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Wellington boots can never be glamorous, however you attempt to dress them up.

But I presume that a wellie wearer would never need to impress that much in general outdoor cavorting in the woods/countryside /garden!

With Muck Boots, there is such a wide variety of styles and patterns to choose from, you can snazz up your normal jeans and wellies look. I can’t guarantee that the funky prints will turn heads with the horses, but the complete water protection, warm neoprene coating and developed comfortable shape, will make you the envy of your (human) friends.

Having been anti-wellies for half my life, declaring myself too much of a city-ite, I did concede to trying a rather fetching pink chequered pair for my recent venture to the Secret Garden Party Festival, and boy I am glad I did. They survived the torrential 36 hour rainfall, and kept my feet at least, fresh as a daisy!

Now when I said that wellies can’t can’t glam, I wasn’t refering to when I am wearing them obviously!

Check out the designs for yourself. Even the city slickers need something to wear if they escape to the country.. Now where did I put my trowel?!



Arctic Weekend Casual, All-Purpose Winter Boot Black- Hot Pink £80 (Side)Pacy II All-Conditions Riding Boot Black £120 (Side)

19 Aug 2015

This is the perfect label for busy BEEs

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Every man needs an anorak, and new kid on the block Bee Clothing is the place to look for work and play.

Born in East London, the? label has just launched it’s second capsule collection, which is made by men who know what men want.

Building on the original designs such as the Duffle, Bomber and bestselling Signature jacket, the collection has extended? has those little touches that will make your journey to work or party a little bit easier, by including a fold down panel to aid with ‘soggy seat syndrome’, the Tube jacket with extra ventilation, and the bi-cycle jacket with a hi-vis shell, for erm, cycling!

All made with a little design twist, including a very handy Oyster card sleeve pockets, these jackets are pratical, wearable and perfect for the London gent!

With demand for casual wear with a twist, it’s worth checking out the rest of the collection too, which includes 100% lambswool knits that are reassuringly manly, and shirts made from the finest Japanese cotton- your look for winter is in the bag!

And if you fancy a bit of personalisation, you can even design your own jacket:

Or just check out what is already on offer


15 Aug 2015

Look to the Future with Tresor Paris

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Tresor Paris takes inspiration from the science lab for AW15.

Entitled Quantum Cubus, it mimics modernistic technology to create a collection of clean lines and strong shapes, which are perfect for layering.

Attending the launch last week at the flagship store in Hatton Gardens, the jewels were showcased alongside microscopes, telescopes and prosecco served in test tubes, for the complete lab effect!

Predominantly gold and white gold plated, they are on the more affordable end of the Tresor Paris brand, bridging the gap between fashion and fine jewellery, starting at a snip of £17 for a ring.

The minimalist designs range from necklaces, bracelets, rings and cufflinks, with part of the collection complemented by a lapis stone, and the most expensive piece being a lapis stone pendant necklace at £97.

Great for layering, the modern designs will complement both men and women. Start your wishlist now, as the collection goes on sale in September.





15 Aug 2015

The Bridges of Paris: Romantic Non?

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Everyone knows Paris is a romantic city, but did you know it had 37 bridges?

However many times you have visited the French capital (or if you haven’t yet), I bet this snippet has slipped your mind. You probably focus on the shopping, art, architecture, food and giant metal Tower which takes prominence over the Seine, so the ancient bridges that cross it get forgotten….

But American photojournalist, Michael St James has created a stunning photography book celebrating the beauty of the city’s iconic (and not so well known) bridges, along with a useful historical commentary.

Giving up life in America to fulfil his own artistic dreams, Paris became a playground for St James, and the bridges, culture and people obviously became a passion, and he diligently photographed morning, noon and night. The result is a large-format photography book with over 350 original color images, which he spent a year in Paris creating.

The book not only acts as a tourist guide, it weaves an enigmatic story, and helps document the history of the Parisian landmarks which bring the city to life. You see the real Paris from the eye of an insider, as well as the buzz and tranquility which other picture books do not.


bridges_of_paris1 bridges_of_paris3 bridges_of_paris2



13 Aug 2015

Perfect time for a BB-Quorn

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It’s August, it’s officially summer so it’s time for a barbie. It doesn’t have to be scorching hot to dig out your pinny and tongs in the UK, but getting friends or family together to share some freshly cooked grub is a winner whatever the weather.

You don’t even have to be a good cook to impress as the BBQ King or Queen! Especially if you look beyond the bland beef burgers with typical relish and soggy salad. I joined a group of hungry bloggers this week to try out some sizzling summer recipes from the nation’s favourite meat alternative ‘Quorn’ and the newly founded London BBQ School in Peckham.

Considering Quorn is predominantely a ‘fungi’ or microprotein (grown in the same way as yogurt or beer) it is suprisingly tasty, and a super healthy alternative to it’s meaty equivalents! Low in fat and saturated fat, it’s a great substitute for almost anything that can be made with meat, with products including Quorn chicken fillets, meat-free mince, meat-free burgers,? meat- free hot dogs, meat-free bacon and my personal favourite meat-free meatballs! Too much time spent in Ikea perhaps- where veggie meatballs are a bit of an institution?! Who knows, but the fact I can buy some frozen chunks of loveliness from Tesco makes me very happy now!

With our host, barbecue expert and founder of the school, Alistair talking us through the impressive equipment, we were given a demo on how to start the fire, and in teams were let loose…

With four very easy to follow recipes on the menu, we were soon tucking in to some freshly cooked and quite frankly delicious grub. Quorn doesn’t take too long to cook, and the mango meatball kebabs, chicken fillet and pepper wraps, traditional veggie burgers with sweetcorn relish and sausage skewers in a pesto dressing tasted as good as they looked. Even the dips and marinades were easy to prepare (after a glass or three of cava!) and if I can do it, anyone can!

You could of course steal these recipe ideas and use them with meat, but that’s twice as much fat, and alot longer to wait for your balls!

Try them out for yourself



13 Aug 2015

Throwback Thursday to my days as Fashion Editor of International Life magazine

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13 Aug 2015

My first Shiatsu Massage

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I was quite looking forward to re-aligning my chakras at NW10 Health and Beauty. It’s been a while….

With a Shiatsu massage on the menu, I was expecting a little bit of probing! In order to find my prana, the massage was personally designed to unblock my free-flowing energy and gently coax my Chinese “Qi”.

In actual fact, I was much in need of some holistic bodywork, being particularly worn out (burning the candle at both ends!!) So I took reassurance that the bodywork would be both intuitive and gentle.

My practitioner Aruna gave me a thorough screening, where I divulged all aspects of my life, and enabled her to find a focus for my first session; Even if you don’t have any particular ailments, Shiatsu is known to work well in treating back pain, depression, sleep disorder, digestive disorder, pregnancy, migraine, infertility and menstrual problems, as well as just general day to day life stresses.

Wearing my own loose clothing, I began the treatment face down on a floor cushion, covered in a baby soft blanket. It is the type of approach that does not need fancy candles, chimes or incense sticks. It strips the idea of massage back to basics, and just the fact of taking time out and being assisted in my breathing was relaxing. With the focus on the present, I was encouraged to distance myself from my hectic lifestyle, and in the comfort of the still and peaceful room, the fatigue, stress and pollution I encounter every day seemed so far away. I was very much looking forward to free-ing up my blood flow, and promoting a more balanced me!

Aruna chose to focus on unleashing trapped energy in my overworked shoulders. Strong fingers tackled my shoulders, neck and back through the blanket, which was a soothing force, although deep enough to feel, was strangely relaxing. As if the blanket was a buffer to the blow!

I was then rolled over, for some attention to be given to my stomach. With stomach/spleen allowing mental thought and activity, it is necessary for it be as free, unblocked and receptive as possible. It is only natural to get?knots in our stomach when nervous or stressed, and once I had got used to the sensation of the intense probing, which is a little unnerving especially around my uber-sensitive belly button, I tried to relax and let my tangled thoughts slip away.

With some quiet time to reflect once the massage was finished, I felt a feeling of calmness. I was ready to take on life’s challenges and felt more confident of being able to take myself back and focus on deep breathing when life gets tough.

I know it’s only a start! Shiatsu sessions work well as a course, but to be honest I was relaxed after just one, and as an alternative to aromatherapy, and when you are not in the mood to take your clothes off, this is definitely something to consider.

For more information, text Aruna for availability and prices on


The Cutting Club, 229 All Souls Avenue, London, NW10 3AE



10 Aug 2015

Top Secrets Escapes for LastMinute.Com

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Blast from the past!

Check out this cheeky commercial I did for Last Minute Secret Escapes.

Styled by moi.

10 Aug 2015

Popeye was on the right track! Olives are good for you

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Olive oil has been around for centuries, but arguably became part of popular culture thanks to the cartoon strip Popeye and his hard done by girlfriend Olive Oyl in 1919!

Not only is it a delicious cooking oil, the humble olive has been given a 21st century makeover by those clever folks at Ovio, where the young leaves from the plant have been squeezed, infused and carefully brewed to create a delicious and refreshing beverage in a ready to drink bottle.

Another drinks fad, I hear you cry?! I think less of a fad and more of a lifestyle choice.

A step beyond bitter green tea, the Ovio Infusion drinks offer a blend of flavours in a ready mixed soft drink, which tick the boxes of being thirst quenching, restorative and good for you!

With holistic choices becoming more popular, it is no wonder that healthy substitutes are popping up like funghi… And with olives working wonders for the Mediterranean diet, the brand founders, Dominic and Susan White have jumped on a so far undeveloped superfood, and created a selection of tasty and replenishing water-based soft drinks.

Keeping the drinks natural, free of e-numbers and sugars is the key to the thirst quenching flavour combos. As one of Nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants, it isn’t necessarily going to taste fabulous on it’s own, so mixed with natural, organic ingredients, the lemon and mint, strawberry and elderberry and cucumber and juniper, taste as good as they sound; And containing just 28 calories per bottle, you can safely say that your body will thank you.

Being healthy can taste good! Check out the website and join in

ovio_infusion_drink_sara_darling sara_darling_infusion_health ovio_infusion_drink_sara_darling