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29 Jul 2015

Secret Garden Party- the festival that can keep a secret!

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The Muddy Garden Music Festival

This week has resulted in me being covered in lots and lots of mud! Not through choice! It’s not a new fashion statement… But it was de-rigeur at this year’s Secret Garden Party in a sleepy village in Cambridgeshire. You might think that all festivals involve some degree of muddy shenanigans, but nothing prepared me for the 36 hour downpour.

It didn’t stop the party, but it certainly made me a little jealous of those who were glamping in a yurt!!!

Watch this space for my review for Fault magazine….

16 Jul 2015

Win a Trip to the Basque Country?!?! Yes Please!

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Cooking Pinxtos the Basque Way

I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a cook! Well you have to be, when you’re a fussy eater like me, and like vegetables a lot!!!

So when I was invited to the UK Cooks Basque event at the popular Spanish Bilbao Berria restaurant earlier this week, I was intrigued… Having just come back from Italy, where the veggie options had been limited (!!) I was a bit worried about how the Spanish would fare. However, I was very much catered for, and thankfully not in the minority!

The Head Chef gave us a demonstration on how to make a traditional pintxo, which was anchovy, egg, tuna, olive and chili on a skewer, drizzled with the most delicious dressing, and then his eager mentors (filled with local wine including a delicious Vina Real Rioja) were left to our own devices to create our own winning combination.

Competition was fierce as twelve journos were competing for a trip to the beautiful Basque country where pintxos are everywhere! Provided with a tray of bread, pepper, olives, Jamon Serrano, cod, soft cheese, mayonnaise and the smallest egg I have ever seen, it was difficult to know where to start! However taking inspiration from the region, I got stuck in and managed to make three (what I thought could be) winning combinations. Chef was giving encouragement all round and I was trying not to be too swayed by my neighbour’s extravagant concoction! Believing less is more; I opted for my sweet red pepper, olive and cream cheese combo for the competition. Naming it Sunshine on a Stick, I thought I was in with a chance…

The evening continued with many more professionally prepared pintxos, and even more local wine and cider whilst our attempts were being judged; By the time of the winning announcement, we were all a little bit excitable!

The Basque country sounds delightful, and a holiday was at stake.. Perfect for a beach break- with La Concha being voted one of Europes Top 25 beach resorts; San Sebastian is the hotspot for surfers, whether to admire the view, or learn yourself! And a mere hop skip and jump away is the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao for some culture. My kind of break!

Alas my Sunshine on a Stick was not a winner, but I feel like a winner as I learnt some new skills, made some new friends and have another destination on my hit list!

Go to

Bilbao Berria

2 Regent Street, London

to check out more delicious pintxos for yourself or see you on the beach!



15 Jul 2015


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If anyone couldn’t tell from my enthusiastic tweets, I LOVED the Iris Apfel movie.

Check out my full review for Flush magazine here:

14 Jul 2015

Italy and IRIS the movie…Not bad for a week’s work!

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Fashion, Film and Sunshine- Italy and Beyond…

Okay, so I’m one of those annoyingly smug people that actually manages a press trip to a hot country and the sun shines for the duration. Apologies in advance for my glowing tan! And a big thank you to the Cristallo Palace Hotel and Spa in Cortina d’Ampezzo for your five star treatment! Full report coming soon for Flush magazine.

I also managed to squeeze in a preview of the fabulous fashion doc IRIS APFEL at the Rooftop Cinema in the Queen of Hoxton. Again, we were blessed with a super warm morning and the beautiful, poignant and educational film showcasing Iris in her own surroundings, just being a general 90 something year old fashion icon is incredible! Review to follow…. And big thanks to Be A Daybreaker!

Next stop a cooking course to try and recreate the gastronomic wonders of Northern Spain. I do love a pintxo.

Watch this space….




07 Jul 2015

Everyone’s Gonna Die (eventually) : Watch the film and learn

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Sara_Darling_rob_knightonInterview with the star of British Movie: Everyone’s Gonna Die

It was the hottest day of the year so far when I got invited to interview Rob Knighton, the star of Brit Flick “Everyone’s Gonna Die”.

I was intrigued as to how the 50 year old carpet fitter got scouted when sunbathing, and five years later was starring in movies and commercials with David Beckham and Penelope Cruz!

Not a bad career change… Read more with the delightful Mr Knighton in my interview for Flush magazine here:

07 Jul 2015

Celina Teague: I Think Therefore I #

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i-think-therefore-i-? Celina-Teague-painting-for-exhibit-in-August-I-think-therefore-I-.

Celina Teague is a 21st century British artist. Her uber bright painted collages are a representation of our virtual worlds, which change daily and are available for consumption 24 hours a day.

Highly influenced by our morbid fascination of social media, and the impact it has on our lives, she delves into our precisely? curated internet identities. The outcome is her carefully pieced together reactions- including fragments of tragic breaking news, with holidays, food and smiley faces combined in one blank canvas.

‘I Think Therefore I #’? was founded as a reaction to the violent news story of the Parisian satirial magazine Charlie Hebdo. Seeing the news portrayed as 140 characters, she has produced these words as images, and has taken inspiration from social media for an interesting insight into the mind of the general public. After all we are all storytellers in one way or another.

Showing from 6th August to 5th September, it is definitely worth a look.

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery
533 Old York Road Wandsworth SW18 1TG

01 Jul 2015


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When I met Nana Fink jewellery designer..

I very much enjoyed meeting the lovely and talented Nana Fink last week at Home House. I was treated to a delicious lunch along with some of London’s top Fashion Editors and journalists eager to get a glimpse of her new collection.

I covered the event for Flush magazine. Read more here:

nanafink nana_fink