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30 Apr 2015

Dear Fish & Chef festival: Thanks for having me!

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After spending a glutounous and extremely enjoyable four days in Lake Garda, Northern Italy, I can safely say I am addicted!

The food, the people and the scenery were simply divine (and I’m not just saying that!!) The Hotel Regina Adelaide surpassed it’s five star expectations, and with a superior suite overlooking the quaint ‘high street’ and outdoor pool, I was mesmerised. I was also quite smitten by the indoor pool, gym and spa facilities, as the weather gods were not exactly playing ball! However it did mean that I am scheming a return visit..Maybe I won’t indulge in the Fish & Chef activities twice a day – seven course taster menus are always a bit much for lunch and dinner!! If I do, I will have to invest in a new summer wardrobe as my waistband was getting rather stretched! I’m not quite sure how the Italians stay so svelt.. but that is another feature altogether! Watch this space for my full review for Flush magazine….


30 Apr 2015

Shoot Envy! Lurve Magazine

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I am captivated by this shoot for Parisian Lurve magazine!

So simple, so clean, so straightforward, but still extremely edgy…You can almost taste the tension in the waiting room!

Shot by Andrea Artemisio, I am smitten by the technique, energy and styling. I can see inspiration for a shoot of my own….


Photographer- Andrea Artemisio

Stylist- Carolina Prada Bianchi

Model- Izabella Bielawska


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24 Apr 2015

SukiShufu gym bunny

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This week I have mostly been working with international couture sportswear brand SukiShufu. We first met on Twitter when the talented designer offered her collection for a ‘Ring Girl’ fashion shoot I did last year. The sports luxe theme really impressed her and we stayed in touch ever since!

So when it was time to shoot her new collection she asked me to style it which I was delighted to do. I got the team at 55Creativ involved and we shot in 55Factory studio…. So for about three weeks I have been living and breathing couture active wear! We even produced the lookbook, a short film, wrote the copy and shot the still life images! It’s no wonder I am ready for a trip! 

Lake Garda is calling me on Sunday.. I have been invited to attend the annual Fish & Chef festival which sounds right up my street. That’s after a short trip to Lewes, an overnight stay in Essex and Romeo and Juliet at the ballet tomorrow!

No rest for the wicked apparently! But then I wouldn’t have anything to write about!! 

16 Apr 2015

Clarks Desert Boots are 65!!!

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Everyone has heard of the Clarks desert boot. Founded in America in the 1950s. it has captured the hearts and souls (sorry!!) of youth subcultures for generations. Founded by Nathan Clark (a renegade in his own right), the desert boot came from a brainwave moment when he was stationed with the British Army in Burma. With his fellow officers wearing boots they had discovered in the bazaars of Eygpt, he got inspired to create elegantly crafted suede uppers with crepe soles which would be multi purpose and look good. Originally rejected by the Board at Clarks, Nathan took the boot to America where it was a huge hit with Ivy League students.

In celebration of the landmark 65th anniversary, Clarks Originals is using WhatsApp to connect the Desert Boots fans of today with key figures from subcultures of the past 65 years. From 30th March, numbers which will be broadcast via a teaser film on Instagram and other social media sites, guiding users to embark on a first-person journey into the story of the Desert Boot.

Check out some clips of devoted fans here:


Steve Barrow 1965
If it’s possible for one man to define an entire subculture, Steve Barrow would be as close as it gets.
He was The Mod. He would go on to inspire the youth of his generation to embrace new music, and through his finely tailored tweed suits and the Clarks Desert Boots on his feet, to embrace fashion. Add him on WhatsApp (+44781 492599) to hear his story live from 1965 and be a part of the coolest generation Britain has ever seen.


Bruno Barbey 1968
In May 1968 Bruno Barbey, Paris resident and Magnum photographer, was to find himself at the centre of a national uprising. Over the course of those few, tense days, he would go on to capture a series of photographs that would define a nation’s restlessness and encapsulate the spirit of rebellious youth. Add him on WhatsApp (+44781 491810) to hear his story live from 1968, from the debates with the heads? of the Sorbonne, to the Clarks Desert Boots the students wore on their feet.


Meet Stitch, reggae icon and head of a group of rudeboys called the Spanglers who were at the heart of reggae’s birth in 70s Kingston. At a time when status was king, every rudeboy in town had
to own a pair of Clarks. But how do you buy British shoes when your government have banned imports? Add him on WhatsApp (+47841 495645) to hear his story live and direct from 1976. The man who left for England with a suitcase full of records, and returned with a suitcase full of Clarks.

13 Apr 2015

The Gazelli Facial. The Facts

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What a tranquil image…and perfect to sum up how I felt after my Perscriptive Gazelli facial.

Time might have still for a moment; The perfect anecdote to a chill out, plump and revive!

Read my feature for 55 here:

13 Apr 2015

Delora the sound of the summer….?

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Read what I got up to when I met the teenage power duo Delora for 55 here…..

09 Apr 2015

So this was the week of the SukiShufu campaign

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The planning, casting, costing and production of this stunning sports luxe brand has been a few weeks in the pipeline. We decided to shoot after easter to iron out any bank holiday glitches and boy did we rock it! 

Working with my dream team of the 55 creative crew meant we had unlimited access to the studio, we could set up and set build to our hearts content.

And because the AW15 collection had a very often metallic theme we made a backdrop of corrugated iron which complemented the slimline wet look perfectly! 

Check out some cheeky peeks here



07 Apr 2015

this time last week…..

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So this week has been pretty bonkers with socializing! That four day weekend gets me every time! But I did manage to squeeze in a few press launches before my Easter chillout in the country…

Good old Dragon’s Den guru, Theo Paphitis always throws a good bash, and it was very very tempting to jump in the pool at his lingerie and swimwear label Boux Avenue’s summer beach party. Held at the stunning Haymarket Hotel in Picadilly, the slebs were plenty full, even if there was a bit of a bottle neck to get to the bar. TV folk, footballers girlfriends and the usual fash pack were packed in looking lustfully at the sexy smalls. Apparently the film was shot in South Africa, erm can I do the styling next time??

I also popped along to the Ham Yard Hotel to ‘show my face’ at the Superdry Press Show. Held in the bowling alley, with mini burgers and fizz, it was typically extravagant and rawkuss. There was a dressing up corner to try on the new season too, but by that point, I don’t think I cared what season I was wearing!!!

With press days in full swing, it was great to catch up with the Mimi Holliday girls and take in the luscious lingerie looks for AW. I know what I want in my Christmas stocking! Only 8 months to go….I also headed east to see what is going on at Four Publicity- they have just taken on Guess jeans, so that was alot to shout about.

06 Apr 2015

Jade Jagger design exclusive in Ibiza

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When you think of Ibiza, you probably think of white sands, blue skies, beautiful natural landscapes, glorious sunsets and fabulous tunes (can you tell I love it there?!)

And I am in good company..British fashion, jewellery and interiors designer Jade Jagger is also a huge fan of the island and has just launched an exclusive fashion collaboration with Thomson Holidays to celebrate the opening of the 5* Sensatori Resort. The range includes limited editon kaftans which will be available for guests and will also be sold for charity in the UK.

As many of the island lovers, Jade is also a yoga fan and has used her design skills to design a bespoke wellbeing space at the resort, which be the perfect place to chill out, relax and unwind. Opening in May, it looks like this summer is a good time to get rejeuvinated!

Check out this video of Jade in Ibiza talking about her design process and inspirations here:

When can I go??

jade_jagger3 jadeJagger2

01 Apr 2015

Oliver Sweeney in Covent Garden

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Congrats to Mr Oliver Sweeney. A new flagship store on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden is a welcome addition to the family!


More than a shoe store, this wooden floored ‘den’ has a luxury feel, with sofas, chillout space and a bar! You can also pop in for an after work tattoo on Thursdays, with the ever popular Sweeney Tattoo service….With a relaxed, social seating area designed around a bar, the store will also play host to a number of events throughout the year, and once you have done socialising you can browse the carefully selected, likeminded brands.



These include Billiam Jeans; luxury eyewear brand Finlay & Co, Scottish knitwear company Gloverall and quality basic t-shirts and chinos from LeftField NY. You can even indulge in a machined metal pen from Karas Kustoms and a selection of luxury watches from German watchmakers, Junghans, so great for gifts and a lunchtime browse too.


Check it out for yourself

10 Henrietta Street, London, WC2E 8PS

opens Saturday 28th March 2015