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28 Mar 2015

Boys who love beards love Braun

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…The girls aren’t comlaining either!

Read about what happened when the boyf tried out the new Braun Cruzer6 Face for a 55Factory feature.


25 Mar 2015

Over Chocolate?? Try one of these instead….

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Easter is just around the corner- great news for freelancers!!

And if you are too old for Easter eggs, but still want to get into the spirit of the holidays, hop on down to Selfridges to snap up one of these limited edition Thomas Sabo x Lindt bunny charms. Me likey!

Read more on my feature for StyleNest here:


25 Mar 2015

KIKO MILANO make up for make up lovers!

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I’m a girly girl when it comes to make up. I like pretty packaging and perfumed things! I’m not the greatest at applying but am always up for attempting something new…So this is how I got on with KIKO MILANO for StyleNest..

23 Mar 2015

My week has been mostly sports luxe and beards!

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So my week has been pretty much taken over by planning the super shiny activewear campaign for SukiShufu. Sending emails galore to a client in Singapore is one way of doing the prep. At least I have plenty of time and visual refs to get cracking on. I spent a day of model casting with my partner in crime Christopher Sims at 55HQ, and thankfully we both agreed on the same shortlist!! It’s always lovely when the girls you have worked with before pop along for a casting too. It’s great to catch up and see what they are up to. Although I would never want to be a model and go on all those go-sees! I think the 55 pooch Tommy, is a big hit, and he definitely knows how to woo the gals!

It wasn’t all about models though.. I also managed to make a cake. That is a bit of a biggie for me so let’s give credit where it’s due!

It seems like now fashion month is over, every major gallery is having a show I want to see, and it only seemed apt that I took the bofy to the ‘Beard’ exhibition at Somerset House. He’s just got his mitts on the Braun ‘cruZer 6face’, which I was hoping would keep his stubble at that perfect length, but after seeing all the uber cool hairy guys photographed by Mr Elbank, he said he was tempted to go the other way!!! Well worth a look for facial furniture fans and it was good to see one of our first models Ricki Hall werking it! Beard. 5 – 29 March 2015.

The day was finished off by sampling someone else’s cake at La Polentaria on Old Compton Street. A new descovery for me, and the fact I could get a double shot decaf soy milk cappacinno and some vegan apple cake on a Sunday evening made me grin even more. Good job I have my new H & M snakeskin inspired trainers to wear and jog it all off!!

At least this week started off on a healthy tip.. Two hours at the gym and the promise of a pole dancing course. Really good for the core strength apparently. I’m in! ?????


23 Mar 2015

Rotten Roach make some Delightful T-Shirts!

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Never one to judge a name. (I work in fashion, so I have come across many an inventive moniker!!) I did have a little half grin when I heard about Rotten Roach. Hailing from New York I thought they might be too cool for school, and then I realised that their clobber is as tongue in cheek as their roach logo.

Rotten or not, it seems like gone off is the new fresh!

See how down with the kids I am???

Find out more on my feature on 55…

Just call me Ms Moss and Never Complain or Explain!


23 Mar 2015

It’s nearly Earth Hour 2015: What are you going to do?

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While many of us will be dimming lights to help conserve power for Earth Hour, those lovely folks at Timex are working with WWF to donate and raise awareness on how we can save energy and save the planet.. It’s this Saturday, so not long to go.. Find out more on my feature for 55Factory:



23 Mar 2015

Alexander McQueen. Inferno this time!!

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It’s not all about the amazing retrospective at the V & A museum you know!

“When I’m dead and gone people will know the twenty first century was started by Alexander McQueen”. You can’t argue with that.

Alexander McQueen is truly being recognised as a genius this year, and the book featuring photographs by Kent Baker and words edited by Melanie Rickey is a must have for any hard core fans.

Focussing on the AW96 ‘Dante’ collection, which has a suitably spooky setting, this beautiful coffee table book showcases behind the scenes images and interviews with most of the teams involved.

Check out my review for Fault Magazine here:

Inferno Alexander McQueen_Spread_01 Inferno Alexander McQueen_Spread_07 Inferno Alexander McQueen_Spread_16

20 Mar 2015

Alexander McQueen is the name of the month!

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Read my view of the Savage Beauty exhibition for Flush magazine here:


18 Mar 2015

Fashion, fashion, fashion, celebs and Rolex- all in a weeks work!

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Just a typical week in the life of a stylist! I got to preview the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the V & A museum. What a privilege – a must see for fashion, design, photography or culture fans. Keep your peepers peeled for my review on Flush magazine.

I was also busy shooting for Rolex. Can’t complain! Luxury fashion and luxury watches in the most amazing location. Didn’t phase me. One bit. Oh no!

Working with the fabulous classical pianist Yuja Wang didn’t phase me either.. Even when I got her sizes- UK size 4! But she’s healthy with it! Just a teeny frame.. Thankfully I managed to pick up some uber tiny sample sizes and had my trusty bulldog clips at the ready!

This week has also involved prepping for the next 55Creativ production for the funky sportswear brand SukiShufu. It’s going to involve set building, model casting, art direction and laying out- the whole shebang basically! Variety is the spice….

Oh and I’ve been juggling reviews and write ups for several other clients too! Watch this space….

10 Mar 2015

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Eleanor Bolton is the designer of this eye-catching neon jewellery. If big and bold is your bag, check out the SS collection for some pops of colour to liven up your looks.

Check out more of her knotted delights- for you and the home here:

And read what I said on 55Factory here: