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27 Feb 2015

If you haven’t managed to grab a copy of 55Pages yet…

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….this might tickle your tastebuds….

The time has come, now LFW is over (sob) to get down to the nitty gritty of promoting my baby…

May I present issue of number eight of the fabulous 55Pages, and what a corker it is (if I say so myself…) Dame Viv on the cover in her splendid conker necklace is enough to get anyone to pick it up! We talked Fracking not frocks (this time), but it’s well worth a read if you have a social conscience, and care what’s happening to our planet.

We also have some philanthropic commentary on the political aftermarth of the magazine murders in Paris, alongside an insight into how we create our identity. Intriguing…perhaps you will have a double think before you put your outfit on this morning!

On top of all that there is some edgy under the radar fashion, inspired by the one n only Chrissue Hynde, styled by yours truly; And we grabbed the fabulous Joe Toronko between his numerous jet-setting adventures to style the menswear shoot for us.? Total trouper and such a granny-pleaser!!!

With the bands and artists knocking down our doors to impress us these days, they really have to blow us away, and I hope you find they tick the right boxes for you too. Is Brighton the breeding ground for the future of music?? We share our best finds from the seaside.

Also packed into the oversized issue are tips on Men’s Style, the trends you need to be wearing this Spring Summer, alongside travel, photography, art and culture features.

All in all, it’s worth an hour perusing a copy- pick it up around selected cafes, record stores and general fashion magazine shops around central London. You can find us at airports too! It’s already been spotted in The Rocky Mountains, Canada, backstage at the Oscars with EE presenter Prince Cassius, and the lovely Aisak couldn’t wait to get his hands on it during fashion week.

Welcome to the family, and stick with us as we looking forward to cracking on with issue 9. Me and the fashion hubbie Christopher Sims have lasted longer than some real life couples!



The Ed

AKA Moi!

Read it in full here




27 Feb 2015

From the FROW… LFW AW15….

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Check out my top trends from the London fashion gods here.

It’s been a tough week being a trend setting, sleb spotting, pap and blogger dodging fashionista! I even had to say no to free fizz (well there was no looloo in the vicinity!!!)

(Could I possibly sound any more like Eddie Monsoon…..?)

Enjoy and see you at LC:M!

25 Feb 2015

Losing My Religion

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Check out my latest shoot for Bond magazine.

Mens and Womenswear fashion stylist- working miracles by keeping the models warm in a freezing cold disused temple!!!!

Photographer: Oggy Yordanov

Hair & Make Up: Jonas Oliver

20 Feb 2015

Sneaky peek of LFW so far….Full trend report coming soon!

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19 Feb 2015

Gourmet Food Festival in Greece. Mmmm Tasty!

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Do I want to go on a Press Trip to Greece.. Erm… Well there’s a food festival and it’s a five star luxury resort….

Oh go on then, twist my arm.

I really hate my job sometimes.


This is what I got up to when I visited the Sani resort for Flush magazine.

Apols in advance in you get a flush of jealosy!!!

16 Feb 2015

Back Street Boys are Back!

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When I heard the news, I couldn’t quite believe it! When I saw the film I nearly fainted….

Read all about it on my review for 55Factory here:

BSB Recorded Landscape Quad Poster

12 Feb 2015

A week in the life of a Fashion Editor

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So last week I was being sampling the new SS produce at Morrisons, rubbing shoulders with Damien Hirst, Jamie Winstone and the gorgeous Lilah Parsons at the Yumi SS15 party at IceTank.

I managed to squeeze in the latest Issey Miyake fragrance launch- fresh, floral and flirty incase you’re interested, and hop over to Kettners for the Jonathan Aston 50th anniversary, hosted by the one and only Zandra Rhodes and Celia Birtwell along with Brightlight PR.

The top floor Kettners was transformed into a glamoupuss’s paradise as models sashayed around in Rober Palmer ‘Addicted to Love’ inspired mini dresses and a vast range of hoisery displaying bold, romantic and feminine designs, drawing influences from classical paintings.

Zandra Rhodes, who is known for her kaftans, also designed for Princess Diana and Freddy Mercury, and has been a fashion icon since the seventies said: “I am thrilled to do this collection of tights and socks, using intricate laces and weaves, utilizing my very own imagery. Fashion is not fashion without legs. They are focal and important to every outfit.” Hear hear Ms Rhodes.

That was not the end of the excitement though. An Editor’s social life is never ending! So off I trotted to the launch of the new, glam and extremely reasonable Motel One in Fenchurch Street. Amazing views and almost cheaper than getting a taxi home!

The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch was next, to go and view the charity organisation ‘Giving Keys’. Brought over from LA, this is a lovely concept where you get to share the love with a loved one, or someone more needy, by passing on the gift carefully crafted peice of jewellery. With mottos such as ‘believe’ ‘creative’ ‘strength’ ‘dream’ ‘courage’ and ‘love’ the keys have been made into necklaces, bracelts, phone cases etc, with a donation from every purchase going to the homeless. And the key is to pass it on to someone in the future who needs it, and the story goes on.

With more fashion fun to be had, I went to the private view of the Thea Porter exhibition in the Fashion and Textiles museum in Bermondsey. Anyone who knows their fashion onions, really should pop along. Filled with her fabulous kaftans, prints, illustrations and interior design, this is definitely a place to spend an afternoon reminiscing the 70s hippy, happy vibe!

To end a particuarly glowing week, I ended up in the Macbeth in Shoreditch, celebrating the Krew clothing range with Canoe PR. A fabulous selection of photographs taken from gigs made me reminiscent of my student days. Mosh pits may not be my thing anymore, but they sure know how to host a good party!

10 Feb 2015

The oldies are the goodies: Arthur Elgort

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Fashion photographer Arthur Elgort is one of New York’s fashion scene treasures! Born in 1940, he frequently worked with Conde Nast, but only published his first cover for Vogue in the early 1990s.

Shooting the supermodel stars of Chanel, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent, he is the master of making a shoot look like fun, and papping the initmacy and femininity of his models without making them look like their working!

My kinda day…

Check out some of his vast collection above- they are bound to put a smile on your face!

10 Feb 2015

Oh look! It’s a post about me…..

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It’s not often I get to big myself up (honest!!!) I’m normally too busy interviewing and chewing the fat with other folk for features! So I am delighted with this lil interview with LemonTrend magazine..

Check me out!

And remember to give me a shout if you ever need a super stylist!!



10 Feb 2015

Charlie le Mindu: Hair Master

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